Become a Grünbiotics Licensee

Grünbiotics has Licensing and Distribution Opportunities – Available Now …

Our Licensing Program provides partners with substantial growth opportunities, exclusive control of territories and a competitive advantage due to our trademarked patented medical nutrition products.

Benefits of Licensing with Grünbiotics

Our Licensees receive:

Our Licensee End-to-End Support Package
Grünbiotics provides support to partners in the areas of Consumer and Market Insights, Marketing and Sales, Product Management, and Future Expansion in order to maximise brand value.

Customised Support
Our Licensee End-to-End Support Package helps partners meet their own business goals and tailors advisory and assistance to the partner’s specific requirements, including:

  • Expertise

  • Industry Knowledge

  • Advisory

  • Practical recommendations (such as time and cost constraints)

  • Training and Support

Proven Products and Business Model
Grünbiotics has a proven business model and is currently successfully selling our quality products in markets around the world.

Our trademarked and patented medical nutrition products are exclusive. As a Licensee your market will be protected

Flexible Arrangements
Our Intellectual Property can be used in a way that best works for your own needs. Partners can either produce their own products, we can supply products using our facilities, or we can negotiate a combination of both options.

Global Opportunities
We have opportunities for licenses in your country. Enquire today!

Unlimited Locations
Grünbiotics has a global presence, with strategic market expansion goals.

Our Licensees are able to network across the entire Grünbiotics family.

We provide systems, processes and best practice to ensure correct delivery and representation of product concept.

Reputation and Trust
A strategic partnership with Grünbiotics allows licensees to go to market with a product that is trusted and has been developed with reputable partners and scientific processes.

For more information or to submit your Licensee Enquiry, please contact us.