Mylan Case Study

A Partnership Case Study
Mylan Health and Grünbiotics: Neurofolin® Distribution

Type of Partnership

This case study focuses on our quality partnership with Mylan Health who is Grünbiotics’ Australian distributor for our highly successful Neurofolin® product.

Who is Mylan Health?

Mylan is one of the largest generics and specialty pharmaceutical companies on the planet, manufacturing and marketing over 2,700 products and selling in approximately 165 countries and territories.

In Australia, Mylan is the leading supplier of medicines by volume (approximately one in every six scripts dispensed is a Mylan product). Over 200 products are produced in Australia – all of which meet the requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency.

Mylan “applies one global quality standard” that “begins with product development, as we work to ensure an acceptable safety and efficacy profile for every drug we hope to market, and it extends through every step of the production process, from making or sourcing raw materials to producing finished dosage forms.”

What is Neurofolin®?

Grünbiotics’ Neurofolin® product is used as dietary support in the management of depression. Containing L-methylfolate – an active form of folate that addresses part of a complex deficiency found in people with depression – Neurofolin® may be used alone or with antidepressants under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

How was the partnership developed?

The partnership between Grünbiotics and Mylan was developed from a shared belief in the significant opportunity Neurofolin® provides to better support the needs of people with depression. This is combined with a strong drive to genuinely improve people’s lives, an unwillingness to simply accept the status quo, and recognition of the complimentary strengths of the two organisations.

What have been the outcomes of this partnership?

Neurofolin® has been well-received by the public, media and healthcare professionals. Evidence of this is demonstrated by the positive reaction from numerous media and news stories, such as:

  • 9 News – “Folate supplement showing promise in the treatment of depression”

  • Pharmacy Guild of Australia ITK Connect – “New dietary option supports depression treatment for Australians”

  • Pharmacy Daily – “Folate depression link”

  • Pharmacy News – “Supplement boosts effectiveness of SSRIs”

  • MamaMia – “Colbey had depression for years. Then a little-known supplement pulled him out of the darkness”

Neurofolin® is sold in 3000 pharmacies in Australia (including Chemist Warehouse)

Critical Success Factors

Our successful partnership with Mylan Health has been facilitated by:

  • Grünbiotics team members’ extensive expertise and experience – our team consists of experienced professionals in the fields of commerce, innovation, consultancy, health care, entrepreneurship and startups. Our people have had leadership roles and expertise in health care corporations, the pharmaceutical industry, intellectual property and licensing agreements, psychiatry and translational neuroscience. Our team is also made up of experienced biotechnology Founders.

  • Credibility / trust on both sides – Mylan Health is a highly regarded company, while Grünbiotics’ products are backed by scientific and clinical data and leading scientists

  • Passion – both Mylan and Grünbiotics strongly believe in the product, and are motivated by the ability to influence and improve people’s health outcomes on a broad scale. Grünbiotics is also passionate about using specialised nutrition as a key element for optimal disease management

  • Flexibility – a key to any successful partnership

  • Networking and Advisory – Grünbiotics has had significant advisory, networking and support from the Australian government and peak bodies in the form of support, grants and knowledge sharing.