Medical Nutrition

Grünbiotics and Medical Nutrition 

At Grünbiotics we refer to our specialised nutrition products as Medical Nutrition. This emphasises the medical purpose of the products, along with the extensive scientific and medical research that has contributed to their development, the significant clinical literature that supports their use, and the importance of these products in a comprehensive treatment plan. 

Grünbiotics has successfully developed Medical Nutrition products for Alzheimer’s dementia and major depression. Additional products for other medical conditions are currently under development.

Food for Special Medical Purposes (FSMPs)

Our products belong to a category known in Europe, Australia and Asia as Foods for Special Medical Purpose (FSMPs), or Medical Foods in the USA. Products in this category are specialised nutrition products for the dietary management of certain diseases, disorders and medical conditions.

The acceptance of FSMPs with both healthcare professionals and sufferers of medical conditions is a result of the ever-increasing clinical literature demonstrating their positive benefits. It is also driven by the significant clinical need for new approaches for many chronic medical conditions, such as age-related dementia. These products have been embraced as an adjunct to existing treatment regimens, including in the management of metabolic stress, gastrointestinal impairment and various mental health disorders. The importance of FSMPs in a truly comprehensive treatment plan cannot be overlooked.

FSMPs include formulated dietary products intended for use as the only source of nutrition as well as products that supplement a person’s food intake. Although they do not require a prescription, a healthcare professional should be consulted prior to taking FSMPs. These products are regulated by FSANZ, EFSA, CFDA or FDA in their respective markets.