Licensing and Distribution

Grünbiotics offers partner firms a market pathway for our products through various licensing opportunities.

Our Licensing Program provides strategic partners with substantial growth opportunities, exclusive control of territories and a competitive advantage due to our trademarked and patent-pending Medical Food products.

As a Grünbiotics licensee you can:

  • Deliver our products

  • Use Grünbiotics’ trademarks and business name

  • Leverage Grünbiotics’ resources, expertise and experience to develop your capabilities

Grünbiotics is looking to establish long-term relationships with credible, motivated, well-resourced firms who are leaders in their territory.


Our Products

Medical Foods and Proven Success

Grünbiotics’ products are positioned within the substantial and largely unmet medical nutrition market across the globe, namely the market for “Food for Special Medical Purpose” (Codex Alimentarius Commission – FAO-WHO/UN, China, European Union, Australia and New Zealand), “Food for Specified Health Uses” (Japan), “Medical Foods” (USA) and “Foods for Special Dietary Uses” (Canada).

It is important to note that Medical Foods differ in key ways to both nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals. While Medical Foods are taken by those people with a disease, medical condition or serious disorder to meet specialised nutritional needs that they cannot get otherwise, nutritional supplements and functional foods are designed for healthy people to help maintain wellbeing. Pharmaceuticals are also taken by the same target market as those who consume Medical Foods; however, they consist of technically manufactured drugs and medicines for treating disease.

Our products are in markets across the Asia-Pacific and Europe and are recommended by doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Our Australian distributor for our Neurofolin® product is Mylan Health.

Dedicated to improving people’s lives through the dietary management of chronic diseases and health conditions, Grünbiotics has achieved this by the licensing, distribution and commercialisation of specialised nutritional products that are innovative, IP-protected and backed up with clinical and scientific evidence.

Strategic Partners

Core Benefits

Our Licensing and Distribution Agreements are clear and detailed. Our Agreements benefit our strategic partners in a number of core ways:

  • Grünbiotics has trademarked and patent-pending medical nutrition products that provide distributors with a major competitive advantage (Distribution Agreements)

  • Our Intellectual Property can be used in a way that best works for your own needs (flexible Licensing Agreements)

  • Partners can either produce their own products, we can supply using our facilities, or a combination of both ( Licensing and Distribution Agreements)

Partnering with Grünbiotics

Who We’re Seeking

  • Credible firms

  • Well-resourced firms

  • Leaders in their territory

  • Extensive experience in the biotechnology / pharmaceutical industries

  • Sufficient infrastructure team with growth capabilities

  • Local expertise in your proposed market

  • Level of capacity and capital to fulfil our mutually-agreed contract

Our Licencing Agreements

Our Licencing Agreements determine the licensee’s rights and obligations. They define how the IP works and how it is transferred (such as our registered trademarks). Licensees have the options of exclusive, sole or non-exclusive licences. Some aspects of the licence covered in the Agreement include:

  • IP description (i.e. patents and trademarks)

  • Scope of license

  • Exclusivity and territory

  • Sublicense rights

  • Term / duration

  • Limitations

  • Payments or royalties, annual fees, lump sum payments and milestone payments

  • Quantity of sales required

Our Distribution Agreements

Grünbiotics’ Distribution Agreements document partner opportunities, giving the distributor the right to distribute our manufactured products. Some aspects of the licence covered in the Agreement include:

  • Product description

  • Quantity of product

  • Location / territory & exclusivity

  • Duration / period

  • Price of product

  • Sales Targets and associated outcomes

  • Payment

  • Marketing

  • Reporting

  • Licensing

  • Termination

Regulatory Compliance & Agreements

Our Agreements are guided by compliance with The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (CCA) (formerly the Trade Practices Act 1974) and associated relevant regulations.

To find out more about Grünbiotics licencing or to become a strategic distribution partner, please contact us:

Telephone: +613 8692-0006