IP Protection and Management

Grünbiotics has proven capabilities in innovative research and proprietary product development in the Medical Nutrition space. Our R&D platform, strong partnerships with quality manufacturers, and expertise provides a solid foundation that has nurtured Medical Nutrition proprietary breakthroughs. This continues today with a number of proprietary products in the Grünbiotics pipeline.

Our innovative product development and supporting clinical studies ensures we have been able to provide beneficial Medical Food products that produce reliable results and gain IP protection across numerous countries around the world, including: the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the European Patent Office (EPO), and IP Australia.


Our Proprietary Products

We operate in a niche market, where Medical Foods differ to nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals. Medical Foods are consumed by people with a disease, medical condition or serious disorder in order to meet specialised nutritional requirements that cannot be met through a normal diet. Pharmaceuticals are different in that they are manufactured drugs and medicines for those with serious disorders, while nutritional supplements and functional foods are designed for healthy people to help maintain their wellbeing.

Our IP Strategy

At Grünbiotics, our IP Strategy is closely aligned with our business goals and aims. It has been customised in accordance with our business direction and the path we need to take to get there.

Throughout development and expansion, the Grünbiotics’ IP Strategy has minimised risk during the research and new product development phases.

Our IP Strategy is guided by the competitive IP landscape (e.g. type and degree of IP protection our competitors hold) and assessment of how a specific asset can be used to move our business forward.

The ongoing management of IP at Grünbiotics is central to our IP Strategy and underpins its effectiveness and efficiency.

IP Management at Grünbiotics

We understand that successful IP protection is an ongoing process of monitoring and management. Grünbiotics recognises that as our business continues to grow and branch we must monitor our IP to ensure we afford all partners protection – particularly as it relates to the highly competitive space of medical nutrition.

Our IP Management Program comprises the Grünbiotics’ IP Policy and IP Strategic Plan. Some of our core IP Management activities include:

  • Review and assessment of IP infringement risks and outcomes during the research phase

  • Ongoing evaluation of the need for IP rights

  • Ongoing evaluation of the level of IP protection required

  • Ongoing monitoring of potential IP barriers

  • Identification and action on future trends and gaps in the IP landscape

  • Ongoing evaluation of the strength of IP protection needed for the future (i.e. duration, coverage and validity)

  • Ongoing registration of IP rights

  • Ongoing auditing of our IP status and levels of exposure

  • Ongoing assessment of what IP is central to our business or is no longer needed

  • Ongoing review of our IP as it pertains to realising our Strategic Plan

  • Ongoing appraisal and updating of our IP Management Program

In this respect, Grünbiotics carefully considers the protection of its IP in terms of Trade Marks, Patents, Designs and Domain Names.

To find out more about Grünbiotics’ intellectual property, our IP Protection activities or our IP Management Program, please contact us.