Grünbiotics was founded in 2010 to take advantage of growing scientific research linking nutritional deficiencies and metabolic issues to a number of chronic health conditions. Through this research our founder, Jamie Hughes, recognised a product development opportunity that would support and enhance existing pharmaceutical treatments for people suffering with these conditions. These products expand the range of options that healthcare professionals can offer patients, putting people at the centre of their care and empowering consumers with greater choice.

Having seen oncology treatments that failed to adequately meet the nutritional needs of cancer patients, Jamie became interested in this aspect of patient care. He found that this situation was not limited to oncology, but was associated with many common and debilitating health conditions, and he embarked on a project to address this short-coming. The belief that more could be done at a functional level led him to explore products in the medical foods categories available in Europe and the USA before identifying and licencing a key active ingredient from the German pharmaceutical company Merck KGaA. Our initial products incorporate this ingredient.


Our comprehensive treatment philosophy is reflected in our company name, Grünbiotics; using the German word for green (grün) our name emphasises the foundational values that underpin the development of our products