About Us

Grünbiotics is a pioneering Australian nutritional science company, improving lives through the development of specialised nutritional products for the dietary management of chronic diseases and health conditions.

We believe medical nutrition is a fundamental part of a comprehensive approach to a diverse range of chronic health conditions. Addressing significant nutritional deficiencies and metabolic abnormalities results in better patient outcomes.

Through collaboration with leading global healthcare industry players, Grünbiotics develops new, innovative, IP protected products that are based on strong clinical and scientific evidence. The products are typically recommended by doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals as part of a comprehensive treatment plan and are available in pharmacies.

Grünbiotics' focus is on the development of Food for Special Medical Purpose products that have application across large healthcare markets with significant unmet needs, with an emphasis on the Asia Pacific region and Europe.

Grünbiotics is based in Melbourne and proudly manufactures in Victoria, Australia.

Developed through partnerships with leading global healthcare industry players, Grünbiotics combines an old-fashioned belief in nutrition with new-fashioned scientific evidence to deliver products that unleash the transformative power of medical nutrition.